The first hand choice for fume and particle extraction

At BOFA they design, develop and manufacture smoke and dust extraction systems for a wide spectrum of industry segments and applications.

They create technology that helps the environment of millions of workers around the globe... simultaneously they improve industrial process performance through minimized interruptions in production.

No compromise, just good innovation to increase productivity and making the work environment safer.

We are distributing Bofa in Sweden. They offer a wide range of products when it comes to fume extraction around different processes.

BOFA’s ADVANTAGE range keeps workplace environments safe by removing particulate and fume generated during laser processes.

Our advanced extraction systems remove contaminants invisible to the human eye, whether generated by CO2 laser systems, found in high speed packaging lines, solid state YAG lasers or new generation optical fibre technologies.
Features such as advanced filtration, flow rate control and our revolutionary Intelligent (iQ) Operating System, mean our units help manufacturers protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark and reduce downtime.
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Our solder fume extraction systems are designed for single or multiple-operator stations that generate fume comprising resin particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

Exposure to rosin-based solder flux fume (colophony) is one of the most significant causes of occupational asthma, creating the potential for permanent and irreversible impact on health. Our range comprises two types of systems: tip (‘T’) extraction, for high pressure/ low airflow soldering processes; and volume (‘V’) for low pressure/ high airflow electronics processes, with features including three-stage filtration, advanced air flow design and filter condition display keeping air clean and productivity high.
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The high temperatures generated in some 3D printing processes can rapidly project gases and particles into a technician’s breathing zone.

BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO models provide effective fume extraction and filtration rates in compact units, with optional speed control, to maintain cleaner print area and returns ultra clean, filtered air to operator breathing zones.
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Component machining presents a number of serious risks to health and safety.

These risks include eye injury from dust and swarf and respiratory disease and skin problems caused by metalworking fluid mist. BOFA’s DustPRO models remove swarf and smaller particulates during routing, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning.
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In the pharmaceutical and medical industry, there are many health risks.

Some of these health risks are associated with powder weighing and handling, chemical control, tablet pressing and coating, fluid bed drying, spray drying, blending and granulation, and general room ventilation. BOFA’s FumeCAB innovation offers a combined HEPA/gas filter, with advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology, and operational compliance with HSG258 guidelines. Options are available for anti-static (ESD) and conformal coating processes.
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The beauty industry presents many health challenges from particulates and odours.

From solvents in nail varnish removers to liquids and dust associated with artificial nails, and keratin-based hair treatments, the beauty industry presents many health challenges from particulates and odours which can cause skin conditions, occupational asthma and nausea. BOFA’s PureBEAUTY range combines sleek design with innovative, salon-friendly solutions. The units incorporate cost effective pre filters with large carbon filters designed specifically for salon environments, providing enhanced capacity, operator safety and a low cost of ownership.
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