In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly working to develop improved solutions in automation and industrial processes. We have long experience from numerous demanding industries such as the food, automotive and engineering industries. We offer our customers complete total solutions for efficient and reliable production. Within automation solutions we do everything from concept design, projecting, construction, programming and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and service of machines and entire production lines.

We deliver complete solutions to these areas among others:
  • Material handling
  • Welding
  • Sorting
  • Inspection
  • Process industry
  • Laser marking
  • Robotized 3D-printing
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Design & Construction

Our constructions department projecting everything from small to large equipments.

To us the concept of contruction involves qualified problem solving and great challenges.

Conceptual design is a given method for us to develop new solutions. One of our strengths, is that our team consists of engineers and technicians within electric and mechanics, but also robotics and vision.

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We have deep knowledge and long experince regardning machine vision

This is a fundamental part of our company and constitutes a large part of our work.

Everything from simple present verifications to complex analysis, measuring and robot guiding are some of the thing we can do with vison.

We are able to provide turn key solutions with Cognex.

We master:

  • Dataman
  • In-Sight
  • Vision-Pro with ViDi

ViDi is Cognex concept of deep learning machine vision. ViDi is artificial intelligence makes analyses och evaluations of material that historically has been utterly, and most often impossible to solve with traditional vision technology.

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We offer  consultation within the areas that we operate.

  • Machine technolgy
  • Vision system
  • Robotics
  • PLC
  • El-/mechanical- design
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Robotics is the future to a profitable och competitive production.

We help You with this.

Our long experience offers the tools for a successful integration.

Robot brands we feel comfortable with:

  • ABB
  • Yaskawa
  • Kuka
  • Universal robots

We have experience within the most known processes such as;

  • Glueing
  • Handling
  • Roll foldning
  • Spot welding
  • Arc welding
  • Palletizing
  • Water cutting
  • Robotic 3D-printing

Also we have extensive knowledge around flexpickers with pickmaster, conveyor tracking and vision guiding.

Thorough simulations are done in every project, making betterconditions for success, and also we like to show concepts, but also ongoing design work in Virtual Reality.

ABB is our main robot supplier and we are an “Authorized Value Provider” which gives you the confidence in us since you know that we have the desired knowledge in you project.

We are also Syetem partner with Kuka which makes us a strong partner and supplier if your standards points towards Kuka as robot brand.

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Our Service department can help you.

Regardless if the equipment are provided by us or someone else, we love to help you out with preventive maintenance, providing maintenance plans, and giving you comments on things that should be done to secure your production.

On top of that we can help out with troubleshooting & repairs.

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